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If you are looking for Free Anti Virus, you may wan to try this Free Anti Virus – ZenOK. ZenOK Free Anti virus is a light weight anti virus that protect your computer from virus and malware. ZenOK anti virus provides antivirus, anti spyware, boot up protection, secure your email, p2p shield, safe web browsing secure downloads, ultra light scanning and etc.

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The interface of Free Anti Virus ZenOK is simple and easy to use. Once you install the ZenOK, an introduction will be popup that guide you thru how to use the Anti Virus. The introduction is simple and easy to understand.

ZenOK has a silent background scanning engine that keep scanning your computer to ensure your PC is being protected. Although the scanning engine will never stop, but it didn’t slow down your PC performance much. If you really think that the scan slow down your PC, you can snooze the scanning process for 3 min, 5 min, 1 hour or 8 hours. The best things about ZenOK Free Anti Virus is that it’s able to detect zero day virus!

free anti virus, free anti virus zenok

On the ZenOK interface, there are some features that available only for professional edition. This includes data backup and hourly virus definition update. ZenOK paid version also come with a $100,000 data loss guarantee. So i think this is going to give you a stronger confident to use their product.

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