Free download Avast Anti Virus Home Edition

avast free anti virusIf you are looking for free anti virus software, i’d recommend Avast anti virus – Home Edition. Avast is a reliable yet free anti virus software in the current anti virus market. After i implement Avast anti virus to my friends’ PC, i do not receive any call from them shouting “Help! My PC got infected by virus!” again. :)

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Avast free anti virus come with 5 different protections:-

  • Standard shield – the most standard protection for your PC
  • Web Shield – protect you from surfing website that auto install spyware or malware to your machine
  • P2P and Instant Messaging Shield – scan your files receive from instant messenger and P2P network like bit torrent, eMule, kazaa, etc
  • Network Shield – protect your machine from worms attack at the network layer. it also act as a light weight firewall, as Avast will scan and analyze the network traffic
  • Internet Mail – it protect you from sending and receiving files that is affected by virus. it operate at SMTP, POP3, IMAP4 and NNTP

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  1. German Quintero says:

    i really think this is a very good antivirus

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